Props and Models

David Jones Christmas Windows 2017


David Jones Christmas Windows 2016

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The David Jones Flower Show: Luminescent


David Jones Flower Show


David Jones Christmas Windows


Dragon for 'Miss Saigon' the musical


Cross section of the Gun Turret, a model we did for the Australian National Maritime Museum's Warships Exhibition


Costumes for 'CC's' advertisement: A Potato, and a cob of Corn jump out of a plane and transform into a Corn chip and a Potato chip. Watch it here.


Props for 'Matilda: The Musical'


'Astra Zeneca' model asthma puffers for medical expo


Mosquito model for environmental collective 'Boomerang Alliance'


Gate for 'Dairy Farmers' commercial


'Dora's Pirate Adventure' produced by Life Like Touring - Dora the Explorer Puppet Show


Promotional props for 'Wreck It Ralph'


Bell jar for 'Zumbo's Just Desserts', 2016


Other props and models we've made